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Al Nahla Al Thahabia Project Management Services (NT-PMS) has been established in 2020 with a very realistic mission, and optimistic vision using legal rules/moral values.
To be one of the most known / reputable companies in the UAE and Egypt within 2 years, in the middle east within 5 years and all over the world within 10 years. 

Construction and development on time with high quality, and economic cost, the positive change of the surrounding conditions should be started first and the benefits will be coming sooner or later.
Our values:

- Avoiding disputes is the first and adjudicating disputes is the second. 
- Quality & well performance have high priorities. 
- Ways of gaining best profit is avoidance of losing reputation, doing double work & more maintenance cost. 
- Giving enough time to study reduces fatal errors. 
- Safety is not optional. 
- Following the rules, laws, and authorities' regulations is part of all contracts. 
- Clarification of obligations & rights to each party is part of our duty. 
- Finally, the preservation of the environment & urban development should affect the market, not vice versa.
Our aim:

- Reaching the highest level of cutomer's satisfaction by honest, scientific and experienced engineering tools. 
- Achieving goals requires daily, weekly, or monthly follow up. 
- Stop or delay is better than continuing in the wrong way.
We've put 33 years of engineering experience at your service. This experience which started from 1986 in Egypt is including 25 years in Dubai /UAE (ref. Projects director CV) made us move forward with confidence to start the projects management services company “ Al Nahla Al Thahabia PMS” and establish creative types of partnerships. 
Our services are:

1- Investors and real estates:
  • We propose new ideas for investments in construction projects with a feasibility study 
  • We are ready to be an engineering representative for individuals, companies, government and semi-government agencies in: 
- Planning and programs following up. 
- Reviewing specifications with consultants before tenders and during execution. 
- Prepare/Review the agreements' terms and conditions. 
- Cost control for existing projects & auditing of payments. 
- Negotiation with authorities, consultants, contractors & suppliers on behalf of the clients.

2- Consultants & fit-out offices:
  • Comply the agreements with FIDIC 1987, 1999, and 2017. 
  • Enhance / update specifications. 
  • Review tenders' documents and rectify the discrepancies. 
  • Document controller training. 
  • Training for civil engineering staff " experience transfer".
3- Contractors (main & sub):
  • Review tenders' documents and rectify the discrepancies .
  • Training for civil engineering staff “experience transfer” .
  • Guidance of how to control the documents.
4- Traders & suppliers:
  • We are preparing a web site for presenting the material in the engineering field. It will be not only for advertising but also to provide technical information to all parties in the engineering field. Till the site is ready, we will start collecting the technical data soon.
Note: All of our work will be under the UAE law umbrella, as per all authorities’ regulations and moral values.
As the director of "Al Nahla Al Thahabia projects management services' , Eng.Adel Ajoor is registered on lists of experts in: 
1- Ministry of Justice in UAE 
2- Judicial department in Abu Dhabi 
3- Courts department in Ras Al Khaimah government 
4- Member in Diac (Dubai international arbitration center) 
after 25 years of experiences in UAE from a total period of 33 years in the civil engineering field (Government agencies, consultancy offices, contracting companies), 
We would like to offer our help to all concerned partners in the engineering field for disputing adjudication & avoidance as following:

To avoid future disputes: 

- We offer to study the terms and conditions for our clients before signing the agreements.
- We study the specifications, drawings, and BOQs and give advices. 
- We support all parties by clarification of weak / unfair clauses in agreements. 
- We provide fair, legal, and convenient alternatives to solve discrepancies in documents.

To solve disputes:

- We are ready to be a member in DAB in FIDIC 1999 contracts, and DAAB in FIDIC 2017 contracts. 
- We are ready to solve the sudden disputes in running projects. 
- We offer our full support to any party/parties in courts' cases. 
- We support any party/parties in negotiation in any arbitration cases. 
- We can help in document controlling to all concerned parties in the engineering field. 
- We provide full training for projects' staff to correct their management methods and reduce the liquidated damages due to defects in planning, QC,QA, and construction.

Note: All of our work will be under the UAE law umbrella, as per all authorities' regulations and moral values.

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